Our projects vary from design projects and manufacturing of custom furniture to development and manufacturing of large scale mass-produced items.

restaurant finnjävel

Custom furniture for Restaurant Finnjävel


Restaurant Finnjävel, established by restaurateurs and chefs Henri Alén and Tommi Tuominen, is located in the central harbour area of Helsinki, in a stone house built during the Russian rule in 1830. The building itself is protected but everything else is custom-designed for the restaurant, furniture, cutlery, dishes and lighting.


Behind this ground-breaking design is Ateljé Sotamaa. Designers Kivi and Tuuli Sotamaa are pioneers in the creative use of advanced digital technologies in design and manufacturing. Their designs bounce from the ultra-minimalist austerity to voluptuous, organic forms and blows new energy into the world-renowned Finnish design. All Ateljé Sotamaa’s designs for the restaurant can be purchased.


Aito worked closely with the designers to realize their vision for the interior. Ateljé Sotamaa provided the general drawings on the bases of which Aito took care of the technical development and manufacturing. The restaurant chairs were made at Aito’s own workshop in Helsinki and the rest of the furniture including tables and fixtures were supplied with the help of Aito’s extensive producer network.





Photography by Kimmo Syväri

Custom furniture for Fazer Visitor Centre


Happy Chairs and Bubbles Stools are part of the Fazer Visitor Centre exhibition opened in the autumn of 2016. The visitor centre, located at Fazerila, is an investment in Finnish design and work. Its design is the handiwork of Finnish architects K2S, and the construction work is being carried out by SRV. The visitor experience at the centre has been designed by Ateljé Sotamaa.


Aito developed and manufactured the Happy Chairs and Bubble Stools. The Bubbles Stools were made of rotation molded plastic and Happy Chairs from cold molded foam. The upholstery was done in Aito’s own workshop in Helsinki.





fazer visitor centre

Display furniture for a private gallery


The display furniture was comissioned by a private art collector to showcase her fine glass art collection by Finnish masters such as Tapio Wirkkala, Kaj Frank and Timo Sarpaneva.


Harri Koskinens design studio came up with the idea for an intimate space where light and darkness would create a dramatic backdrop for the artwork.


The walls and ceiling were made from burned, brushed and stained oak panels. The rough texture of the panels posed a strong contrast to the  smooth glass surfaces.


Led lighting was installed into the shelves to create a smooth even light surface that lit the artwork from top and below.


For this project Aito delivered technical drawings, manufactured the components and performed the on site installations.

private gallery